Remove Scrollbars for Chrome

I’m not kind of focused guy. Recently I found that the scrollbars on the web pages are rather annoying when I’m reading some lengthy post. Thus I made a dirty and quick tool to eliminate the distractions from the scrollbars. This tools works fine with Google Chrome, and theoretically should work for other browsers which supports Webkit pseudo elements.

How to Install

Simply drag this link: Remove Scrollbars to Chrome’s bookmark bar (If the bookmark bar is not shown, you must toggle it on first).

How to Use

When you need to remove the scrollbars, click on the bookmark, resize your browser window, and…the scrollbars are gone!

Weapons of Sugar Plum Ferry (使用Instagram 拍摄于 Mao Livehouse)


Ask Me in the Future, by Me

As I grown up, my concept of history and time becomes clearer, but I found that for the time being I still cannot provide a definite prediction for something in the future. Say, the ebb and flow of a industry or a company. It’s a era overwhelmed by changes, but most of the time I just took these imperceptible changes which nevertheless made a big difference for a longer period of time for granted.
Lately I read several articles concerning some predictions, which elicit my curiosity. How about yours? I asked myself. In case that I left my predictions and questions behind later on (so they would be nonsense in my opinion), seems like a mechanism of reminding is needed. Today I dropped a few questions and my own predictions in my Evernote notebook. It must be fun to review and check them years later, as long as Evernote still exists and my data is still there then (perhaps I have to bet on this assumption prediction first). This can in the meantime drive me to dissect those trivial phenomena so as to make a better prediction.
I feel excited about this project (sounds like wager somehow) and will enlarge this list from now on.


Kittenmind and Hiss.

Seems like something is missing in the first album cover. XD

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St. Patrick’s Day, beautiful music. (Taken with picplz at Huaihai Park.)

Feeling like a fucking idiot…

Perhaps it’s gonna be a pity of my life…